A couple years ago we tore down an old mill in North Carolina. We decided to ship a load of the material salvaged from the building back to Silver Lake, KS.  This load included salt cured pine boards. I felt the need for a bigger desk and the boss man had brilliant idea to reuse this material to make me a new desk to satisfy my needs. We sent the material to a gentleman we knew in McPherson, KS along with a few notes of what we wanted it to look like. He took the material and the notes and was able to produce this beautiful desk. Originally the idea was for the guy in McPherson to provide the wood top. We would build a base out of used steel. However, when the desk showed up late one evening, the base (as seen below) was included. We were so impressed with the look, that we kept it the way it was.


Salt cured pine refurbished into an office desk

This is the type of material that we have for sale at our location in Silver Lake, KS. The material will change day to day depending on what we sell and the buildings we tear down. Our inventory is unique in the sense that you can’t typically go purchase the items in the local hardware store. I hope to share in the coming weeks some of the specific materials we have available along with ideas/projects that can or have been completed.