Our Story

Bahm Demolition, Inc. is a family-owned company with origins dating back many decades ago.  Today, the company is still owned and operated by family members.  As such, our primary staff members (including all project managers and supervisors) have been with the company for a significant period of time.  Maintaining a constant staff has allowed us to pursue projects many contractors are unable to.

Since the beginning, we have focused our demolition efforts on projects where the potential exists for salvaging materials.  We have long operated a salvage yard in Silver Lake, Kansas where we resell the materials obtained in our demolition projects.  In recent years, we have become a broker for nationwide used material vendors (used brick, used lumber, etc.).  This change has enabled us to see what the future holds in reusing and recycling materials of all types.

Our company has a long history of successfully completing its projects.  We do not deem a project a success unless all parties involved are pleased with our work.  Being resourceful is a motto we pride ourselves on.  We may not always be the low bidder on a project, but as the saying goes you often get what you pay for.  Our projects are completed in a safe and professional manner.  As such, we have a record of pleased clients and profitably completed projects.

Our Team

Owner: David Bahm

David has been in the demolition business since he was a small child cleaning and stacking brick for his father. In 1987 he started his first company, Bahm Construction.

Over the years, he has been a collector of all things unique from projects that the company has been a part of. One of his greatest passions is taking the materials found in old buildings and reusing them in new projects. In the last few years he has remodeled his office to be a man cave and added an outdoor kitchen to his family home that has become the hot spot for friends and family to gather together. If you have a vision for a project, grab David over a cup of coffee and he will help you make that vision a reality.

On a personal note, he has been married to his wife Sheri for 36 years. Together they have 2 children, Ashley and  Dylan. He enjoys traveling, finding the best steakhouse in whatever city he is visiting, riding his motorcycle, and collecting construction model toys.

Our Philosophy

Bahm Demolition is an experienced company dedicated to quality work and efficient management of resources.  Our track record of major projects has earned us the reputation for being creative, professional, and extremely responsive to our customers.  Our clients have come to appreciate and expect our high value, immediate response, and safety-conscious demolition work.

Our greatest assets are our people and our honesty.  Bahm Demolition employees are experienced professionals.  Our competitive advantage stems from the atmosphere of mutual trust and respect throughout our company.  We are committed to maintaining an environment of corporate integrity and mutual respect among our employees, our customers, and our community.  The care and concern we have for our employees and subcontractors greatly enhance our ability to deliver quality projects on time and within budget.

Our Goals

  • Integrity – To maintain constant adherence to a strict moral and ethical code
  • Professionalism – To conduct ourselves as dedicated professionals
  • Accountability – To hold ourselves responsible for our work
  • Excellence – To strive to do better than ordinary
  • Commitment – To pledge to meet the needs of our customers
  • Teamwork – To cultivate a climate that encourages a cooperative effort
  • Respect – To appreciate and treat all individuals with courtesy and dignity
  • Honesty – To uphold truthfulness and fairness in dealing with other